• Testimonials – Our Costomers Love Us

  • Great company, I got locked out of my house and the guy from Potomac Locksmith showed up fast! and opened my house in like 4 minutes! just like you see in the movies!

    Thomas H.

  • Avi was awesome & very knowledgeable. I got my keys locked in the trunk of my BMW 530i and the guy from AAA said he cant open it and that we need to call a locksmith to make a key. Very reasonable pricing, Fantastic customer service. I highly recommend them...

    Sarah P .

  • I called a Locksmith to change the locks in my home, after my purse had been stolen at the mall. The thief had everything, my purse, my keys, etc. I called many places before choosing to have the Locksmith come out for service. They were on time and very understanding of my situation. I just wanted to give them the credit they deserve. I would definitely recommend them to anyone in need of locksmith service. 5 Star Service….

    Margaret Brown

  • My company recently moved to a new facility, and my boos asked me to get a locksmith in Potomac so he can have a master key for all the locks. I want on Yelp and this guys had so much good reviews so i called them up, Udi was very helpful and knowledge both on the phone and on site. Great guy and highly recommended.

    William L. Brown

  • I called Potomac Locksmith Squad to open & change my mailbox lock because my wife lost the only set we had!! it only took one phone call to get them to come on the next day. Very nice guy and the price was fair.

    Michael R.

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